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SBA Directors


President   John Rougeau (2000)
Association Manager  Sandy Argus (2009)
1st Vice President   Robert R. Ripka (2007)
2nd Vice President  Frank Fortino (1985)

Directors (whose term expires 7/31/14)  
Joseph F. Bethmann (2013)

John E. Kohanski Sr. (1998)

Robert Lazzaro (2007)
Robert N. Mills (2006)
Mark A. Moore (2007)
Chuck Richmond (2002)

Directors (whose term expires 7/31/15)

James Grouchie (2012)
David Pringle, Sr. (2012)

Directors (whose term expires 7/31/16)
Veronica Adams (2009)

Karl Reester (2008)
John F. Savage (1994)
Gary M. Vincitore (2006)

House Representatives
AMF Strike 'N Spare Charles Richmond, Veronica Adams, John Kohanski Sr.
Bowling Green James Gouchie, Karl Reester
Bowl Mor Lanes John Rougeau, Robert Lazzaro
Caz Sports Bowl Please call SBA office
Erie Blvd. Bowling Center Robert Ripka, Maurice Jackson
Flamingo Bowl Charles Richmond, Robert Mills
Green Acres Karl Reester, James Gouchie
Green Lakes Lanes Please call SBA office
Hi-Way Bowl Please call SBA office
Lakeview Lanes Mark Moore, Robert N. Mills
Marcellus Lanes John Savage
Pastime A.C. Robert Ripka, Frank Fortino
Polish Home none at this time
Solvay Recreation David Pringle Sr.
Sports Bowl Veronica Adams, David Pringle Sr.
Thunderbird Lanes
Veronica Adams, David Pringle Sr.
Village Lanes
Robert Ripka, John Rougeau
Youth Directors


President   Mary Scarson

Association Manager   Seline Weiskopff

1st Vice President   Gary Peterson

 2nd Vice President   Debora Deuel
Steve Betts
Jody Del Brocco
Zach Del Brocco
Shawn Meyers
Annie Peterson
Mindy Santocki
Deb Vincitore
Marni Vincitore
Steve Weiskopff

House Representatives
AMF Strike 'n Spare Stephen Weiskopff
Bowl Mor Lanes Stephen Weiskopff, Marni Vincitore
Caz Sports Bowl None at this time
Erie Blvd. Bowling Center None at this time
Flamingo Bowl Seline & Stephen Weiskopff
Green Acres Jody & Zach DelBrocco
Green Lakes Lanes Shawn Meyers
Hi-Way Bowl None at this time
Lakeview Lanes Deb Vincitore, Mindy Santocki
Marcellus Lanes None at this time
Pastime A.C. None at this time
Solvay Recreation Mary Scarson, Deb Deuel
Sports Bowl Gary & Annie Peterson
Thunderbird Lanes Steve Betts


SWBA Directors
President    Sandy Adiano
Association Manager  Debora Deuel
1st Vice President  Dianne Korrigan
2nd Vice President  Jennette Adams
 SGT/at/Arms  Maria D'Imperio

 Carole Barr
 Janice Drummond
 Betty Genninger
 Shirley Lafaver
 JoAnn LaTulip
 Jan Moro
 Alice Rees
 Mary Scarson
 Evelyn Price
 Life Member
 Verna Hundshamer

House Representatives
Bowling Green Alice Rees
Bowl Mor Lanes Carol Barr, Betty Genninger
Caz Sports Bowl Maria D'Imperio
Erie Blvd. Bowling Center Janice Drummond, Evelyn Price
Flamingo Bowl Shirley Lafaver, Jennette Adams, Alice Rees
Green Acres Jennette Adams
Green Lakes Lanes Betty Genninger
Hi-Way Bowl Maria D'Imperio
Lakeview Lanes Shirley Lafaver, Alice Rees
Marcellus Lanes Mary Scarson
Pastime A.C. None at this time
Polish Home None at this time
Solvay Recreation Dianne Korrigan
Sports Bowl Jan Moro
AMF Strike N Spare
Carole Barr, Janice Drummond, Evelyn Price
Thunderbird Lanes Dianne Korrigan, Mary Scarson
 Village Lanes