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On December 12th 2001, while bowling in the Ken Whiting League at Strike and Spare Lanes, the Lakeport Bait & Tackle Shop team shot an all-time S.B.A. team record game of 1363. Team members and scores were Paul Richards-269, Vince Diflorio-300, Mike Paduana-268, Jim Pangara-249, and Chuck Richmond-277.
Chris Rockburn tied a New York State record and set a Syracuse record when he bowled 886 at Fremont Lanes on games of 297-290-299.
Richard Trapnell tied an S.B.A. triplicate record of 279 at the Syracuse Bowling Center.
For the 2001-02 season, Michael Daley set a Syracuse Bowling Association average record when he averaged 237 for the season at Flamingo Bowl.
Martin Fichera was inducted into the New York State Bowling Hall of Fame in May of 2002. Joe M. Paussa (meritorious), Joseph Petrowski Sr. (outstanding), and John F. Savage (outstanding veteran) were inducted into the S.B.A. Hall of Fame.
In the City tournament, Lighthouse Lanes #1 won the scratch team championship with a score of 3538, Art Alexander won the all-events with 2230, Todd Redhead and Art Alexander won the doubles with 1434, and Jeremy Macri won the singles with 774. Ed Batruch and David Maxween won the Van Wie Doubles, John Kohanski Jr. won the Post-Standard Masters and Sonny Pickard won the Officers tournament.
In the Annual Champion of Champions tournament, Marty Fichera won with a score of 774. There were a few state champions in 2002. This list included, Light House Lanes in the team event with 3636, Dan Smith and Cliff Saliba in the doubles with 1596, and Dan Smith in the all-events with a score of 2276. Don Gates was elected to the Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame.

Highlights of the 2002-03 season included, Burnet Books #2 winning the team event in the City tournament with a score of 3571. Team members included P.J. Kohanski, David Gonzalski, John Kohanski Jr., Tim Lawton and David Maxsween. In the Singles event, Ron Clifford won with a 795, Doubles went to Marty Fichera and Tom Minnegan with a scratch score of 1589, and Tom Minnegan won the All-Events with a score of 2297.
That season the Van Wie Doubles were won by the duo of Mike Cottrell and Pete Flora. Also Jeremy Paninski won the Post-Standard Masters by defeating Rodger Blanchard in the finals.
There were four individual bowlers inducted into the Sracuse Bowling Association Hall of Fame. They were Wilson “Sonny” Pickard as an outatanding bowler, David Demperio also as an outstanding bowler, Robert Steinmiller as a veteran outstanding bowler from the 1920s and 30s, and Mitchell Balamut for meritorious service.

In 2003, Burnet Books#2 repeated as the City Tournament team champions with a score of 3582. The team members this year included P.J. Kohanski, David Gonzalski, John Kohanski Jr., David Maxsween, and Gary Rozyczko. Tim Adams and Bill Timmons won the Doubles with a score of 1555, Dennis VanGorden won the Singles with 772 and Tony Lennox won the All-events with 2206.
The team of Joe Petrowski Jr. and Art Alexander III won the Van Wie Doubles. Scott Stachnik defeated Gary Cunningham to win the Post-Standard Masters.
Three individuals were inducted into the Syracuse Bowling Association Hall of Fame. They were Robert “Butch” Seymour as an outstanding bowler, Joel Mareiniss for meritorious service and Thomas Hinchey also for meritorious service.
Donald Brush set an all-time association record mark with an average of 241 for the entire season. Andrew Melnyk and Frank Hermans were both elected to the New York State Hall of Fame as outstanding bowlers.

For the 2004-05 season Jeremy Macri equaled the all-time high average mark in the Syracuse Bowling Association with a 241.
Sam Ventura and Jeremy Macri won the Van Wie Doubles tournament while Cliff Saliba defeated David Brownlee to win the Post-Standard Masters.
Mike Tryniski became the newest member of the New York State Hall of Fame as an outstanding bowler while there were four new members elected to the Syracuse Bowling Association Hall of Fame. These included Martin Fichera as an outstanding bowler, Jay Piraino as an outstanding bowler, Al Butler for meritorious service and Richard Saliba for meritorious service.
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