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Scores 2016-2017



Oct  5  James E Smith/Lakeview
Oct 7  PJ Kohanski/Bowl Mor
Oct 10  T J Mento/Lakeview (SPORT Award)

Oct 13  Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl
Oct 13  Joseph Pitre/Lakeview

Oct 16  Robert Wight/Strike N Spare
Oct 17  Chris Wightman/Strike N Spare
Oct 21  Mark Zbikowski, Jr/B'villeSports Bowl
Oct 24  Kevin Roskoff/Bowling Green
Oct 24  Jason Atkins/Strike N Spare
Oct 25 Robert Raison/Strike N Spare
Oct 25  Kevin Osgood/Bowl Mor
Oct 26  James Tarby, Jr/Strike N Spare

Oct 28 Montrelle Rice/Strike N Spare

Oct 31  Thoi Trang/Bowling Green
Oct 31  Greg Hudson/Flamingo
Nov  1  Mitchell Shepard/Bowling Green
Nov  4  Bill Timmons/Bowl Mor
Nov  4  Nicholas Goodfellow/Bville Sports Bowl
Nov 5  Jermaine Willis/Lakeview
Nov 7  Gary Hemingway Jr/Sports Bowl
Nov  7  Nichoklas Naylor/Strike N Spare
Nov 7  Justin Pytiak/Sports Bowl
Nov  9  Richard Hernandez/Strike N Spare
Nov 10  Peter Zera/Bowling Green

Nov 14 Mike Wilson/Sports Bowl
Nov 14 Jeff Peters/Sports Bowl
Nov 19 Howard Jones/Lakeview
Nov 21 Mike Schardt/Sports Bowl
Nov 21 Ed Sagor Jr/Strike N Spare
Nov 23 Alan Atwater/Bowling Green
Nov 25 Scott Stachnik/Bowl Mor

Nov 25  Steve Suslik/Bville Sports Bowl

Nov 25  Joshua McClusky/Bville Sports Bowl

Nov 26  Doug Comstock/Lakeview

Nov 28 Erik Lieple/Strike N Spare
Dec 1  Steve Spring/Bowling Green

Dec 2  John Messina Jr/Bowl Mor
Dec 2  Steve Salce/Bowl Mor
Dec 7  Mike Mulchay/Lakeview
Dec 9  Bill VanDyke/Bowling Green
Dec 12 Matt Melcher/Strike n Spare
Dec 16 Kevin Nichols/Strike N Spare
Dec 14  Nick Moro, Sr/Bowling Green
Dec 17  Mike Geiss/Bowling Green
Dec 17  Mike Hunter/Bowling Green
Dec 19 Chris Sullivan/Strike N Spare

Dec 19  Scott Stachnik/Bowling Green

Dec 19  Kyle Wilcox/Sports Bowl

Dec 21 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl
Dec 23 Scott Fello/Strike N Spare
Dec 24 Kevin Townsend/Lakeview

Dec 28  Joe DiMario/Lakeview

Dec 29 Dietrick Roberson/Bowling Green
Dec 29 John Lell/Sports Bowl
Dec 20 Kris Goodfellow/Sports Bowl
Dec 28  Nick Moro, Sr/Bowling Green
Dec 30 Kevin Rode/Sports Bowl

Dec 30  Jim Zimmerman/Bowl Mor

Jan 2  Dan Bibbens/Lakeview

Jan  2  Ryan Bertrand/Lakeview

Jan  2  Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl

Jan  2  Mike Nordheim/Sports Bowl

Jan  2  Dan Bibbens/Lakeview

Jan  2   Hugh Kingsley/Bowling Green

Jan 4  Patrick Walsh Sr/Bowling Green

Jan 5  Ted Florack/Sports Bowl

Jan  6  Jim Zimmerman/Bowl Mor

Jan  6  Joe Noboa/Bowling Green

Jan  9  Carl Haas/Strike N Spare
Jan 13  Tina Fabrizio/Bville Sports Bowl
Jan 13  Ryan Bertrand/Bville Sports Bowl

Jan 13  Michael Dunn/Strike N Spare

Jan 14  Jack Vault/Bville Sports Bowl
Jan 14  Mike Fedor/Bville Sports Bowl
Jan 16  Ryan Bertrand/Bville Sports Bowl

Jan 17  Tim Truax/Strike N Spare

Jan 18  Jeff Magno/Strike N Spare

Jan 18  Jim Abulencia/Bowling Green

Jan 18  Derek Joss/Bowling Green

Jan 19  Randy Stanton/Strike N Spare

Jan 20  Josh McClusky/Bville Sports Bowl

Jan 24  Dan Uzunoff/Strike N Spare

Jan 24  Kevin Smith/Strike N Spare

Jan 25  Jim Miner/Strike N Spare

Jan 25  Chris Taylor/Bowling Green

Jan 25  Jeff Chapman/Bowling Green

Jan 25  Robert Dexter/Lakeview

Jan 27  Nick Naylor/Bowl Mor

Jan 27  Joe Pitre/Strike N Spare

Jan 27  Jen Creno/Bowl Mor

Jan 27  Scott Stachnik/Bowl Mor

Jan 28  Ed Batruch/Bowling Green

Jan 28  Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl

Jan 29  Chad Corcoran/Bowl Mor
Feb  1  Jamie Dupee/Strike N Spare
Feb  2  Doug Sprague/Strike N Spare
Feb  3  Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl

Feb  3  William McGriff/Strike N Spare

Feb  3  Justin Ingram/Lakeview

Feb  6  Jay Dunn/Strike N Spare

Feb  3  Kris Goodfellow/Sports Bowl
Feb  7  Dan Uzunoff/Strike n Spare

Feb  8  Jamie Nestor/Lakeview

Feb 10 Tim Warner/Sports Bowl

Feb 13  Luis Cruz/Lakeview

Feb 15  Brian Russell/Lakeview
Feb  9  Lawrence VanWie Jr/Bowl Mor

Feb 22  Samuel Durham Jr/Lakeview

Feb 24  Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl

Feb 24  Adam Hyde/Sports Bowl
Feb 24  Connor Harrington/Strike N Spare

Feb 24  Kris O'Donaghy/Strike N Spare

Feb 28  Ryan Volko/Strike N Spare

Mar  1  Shaun Goodfellow/Bville Sports Bowl

Mar  2  Jermaine Willis/Lakeview

Mar  2  JJ West/Lakeview

Mar  3  Jim McCarthy/Strike N Spare

Mar  4  Sam Perry/Lakeview

Mar 10  Chris Prestia Sr/Sports Bowl

Mar 10  Dwayne Ball/Bowl Mor

Mar 13  Richard Gray/Bowl Mor

Mar 13  Jeremey Morrell/Bville Sports Bowl 

Mar 17  Shaun Goodfellow/Sports Bowl

Mar 23  Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl

Mar 23  Howard Jones/Lakeview

Mar 25  David Disque/Bowling Green

Mar 27  Ted Melnyk/Bowl Mor

Mar 28  Andrew Batruch/Lakeview


Sep 19  Jeff Cooper/Bville Sports Bowl/299
Sep 26  Chip Pettit/Bville Sports Bowl/299
Sep 26 Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl/299

Oct  5  Joe DeMario/Lakeview/299

Oct  5  Dave Pringle, Jr/Lakeview/299

Oct  8  Shonnaohan Williams/Village Lanes/289

Oct 10 Kevin Catlin/Strike n Spare/299

Oct 12  Brad Stone/Lakeview/299
Oct 24  Kurt Knudsen/Bville Sports Bowl/290 

Oct 25  Kevin Smith/299/Strike N Spare
Oct 31  Justin Pytak/Bville Sports Bowl/290

Nov  4  Kris Goodfellow/Bville Sports Bowl/299

Nov  7  Edward Sagor, Jr/Strike N Spare/299

Nov 14 Kevin LaPine/Bowling Green/299

Nov 18  Bill Timmons/Bowl Mor/299

Nov 23 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/290

Nov 25 Tom Fragola/Strike N Spare/298

Nov 28  Todd Wilcox/Bville Sports Bowl/290

Dec 2  Ed Sagor Jr/Strike N Spare/299

Dec  2  Ken Collins/ Bowl Mor/296

Dec  2  Peter Moro/Bowl Mor/296

Dec 6  JIm McCarthy/Bowl Mor/290


Dec 11  Tom Stone/Flamingo/299

Dec 11  Jason Ingram/Flamingo/299

Dec 21 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/290
Dec 23 Frank DeSteffano/Strike N Spare/299
Dec 23 Connor Harrington/Strike N Spare/299

Dec 23 Kevin Rode/Sports Bowl/290
Dec 24  John Odom/Lakeview/298

Dec 26  Bernie Barnes/Bowling Green/297

Dec 30 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/299
Dec 30  Nick Naylor/Bowl Mor/299

Dec 26  Nickolas Brown/Bville Sports Bowl/296
Dec 28  Mike Pytak/Bville Sports Bowl/296
Jan  4  Gary Rosteck/Bowl Mor/277
Jan  6  Steve Salce, Jr/Bowl Mor 299

Jan 16  Scott Stachnik/Bowling Green/296

Jan 18  Jamie Dupee/Strike N Spare/299

Jan 19  Mike Hamlin/Lakeview/290

Jan 20  Bryan Jones/Strike N Spare/298

Jan 20  Don Brush/Bowl Mor/298
Jan 20  Don Brush/Bowl Mor/298

Jan 23  James E Smith/Bowl Mor/298

Jan 25  Jeff Williams/Bowling Green/299

Jan 28  Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/290
Jan 30  Richard Dannan/Strike N Spare/299


Jan  31  Ryan Volcko/Strike N Spare/299


Feb 1  Jeff Chapman/Bowling Green/299
Feb  2  Joe Piston/Strike N Spare/ 299


Feb  5  Justin Ferris/Flamingo/299


Feb  8  Jim Tarby Jr/Strike N Spare/299

Feb 13  Mike Hall/Strike N Spare/299

Feb 13  Scott Vanderwege/Strike N Spare/299

Feb 20  Brian Schalk/Lakeview/290

Mar  3  Steve Bennett Sr/Strike N Spare/298
Mar  3  Dan Moreth/Strike N Spare/299


Mar 14  Tony Noreault Sr/Strike N Spare/299

Mar 16  Shane Randino/Lakeview/298

Mar 21  Michael Hunter/Lakeview/290

Mar 23  Howard Jones/Lakeview/290



Sep 26 Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl/825

Oct  5  Dave Pringle, Jr/Lakeview/813

Oct  7 Detrick Roberson/Strike N Spare/832

Oct 17  Brian Gawlick/Strike N Spare/816

Oct 24  Jayson Atkins/Strike N Spare/846

Oct 24  Kevin Roskopp/Bowling Green/805
Oct 26  Kenneth Taylor/Lakeview/813
Oct 28 PJ Kohanski/Bowl Mor/806

Nov  3  Ryan Kratz/Sports Bowl/806

Nov  4  Kris Goodfellow/Bville Sports Bowl/822

Nov  7  Edward Sagor, Jr/Strike N Spare/830

Nov 14  Erik Lippke/Strike N Spare/807

Nov 21 Robert Raison/Strike N Spare/823

Nov 23 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/838

Nov 25  Dan Bibbins/BvilleSports Bowl/803

Dec  5 Tom Rougeau/Bowling Green/815

Dec  5  Joe Van Horn/Strike N Spare/810

Dec 12 Matt Melcher/Strike N Spare/834

Dec 14  Nick Moro Sr/Bowling Green/801

Dec 21 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/828

Dec 22 Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl/804

Dec 23 Jeff Chapman/Strike N Spare/818

Dec 23 Kevin Rode/Sports Bowl/805

Dec 23 Danny Jenkins/Sports Bowl/820

Dec 24 John Odom/Lakeview/815

Dec 30 Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/836

Dec 30 Corey Walts/Sports Bowl/812

Dec 30  Jim Zimmerman/Bowl Mor/825

Jan  2  Ryan Bertrand/Lakeview/803

Jan  7  Dave Starling Sr/Lakeview/801

Jan  9  Jack Vault/Bowl Mor/813
Jan 11  Nick Goodfellow/Sports Bowl/812
Jan 20  Bryan Jones/Strike N Spare/801
Jan 20  Tom Rougeau/Bowling Green/804

Jan 20  Bryan Jones/Strike N Spare/801

Jan 25  Jeff Williams/Bowling Green/809

Jan 29  Chad Corcoran/Bowl Mor/804

Feb  1  Jeff Chapman/Bowling Green/813
Feb  1  Brian Russell/Lakeview/801
Feb  7  Joseph Manginelli/Lakeview/826

Feb 18  Jermaine Willis/Lakeview/801

Feb 20  Dan Moreth/Strike N Spare 811

Feb 22  Matt Krausnick/Strike N Spare/816

Feb 23  Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl/812

Mar  2  Todd Fenchel/Sports Bowl/856

Mar 21  Michael Hunter/Lakeview/821